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As a free service to you, the customer, we provide a listing of useful demos, patches, and documentation files that we think you may find useful. Please note that this trial versions of ACT! are fully functional, except that they are limited to a maximum of 25 records. Also, Win 3.1 users must install Win32s.exe before installing ACT! 3.0.7 Trial Size. Some documentation provided on this page is in .pdf format and requires the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view. Click the icon above to download the Acrobat Reader.

Updates and patches. To update your version of ACT! to the latest, either click HELP, LiveUpdate in your ACT! software or download the latest patch below:

Trial Copies of ACT! - These fully-functional copies of the software are limited only in that they only allow a maximum of 25 records. Download these files if you want to try the software before you buy it.

ACT! Demonstrations. For a quick and easy overview of the features of ACT! 2 or 3, download and run the below files.

ACT! Documentation. For additional help with ACT! 3.0, download the following files. Those in .pdf format require that you download Adobe Acrobat.

ACT! Utilities and Enhancements. Add some spice to your ACT! program with these useful utilities and enhancements.

ACT! Books and Newsletters Additional references for information on ACT!

DISCLAIMER: The downloadable files, programs etc. that have been made available to you on this web site are not guaranteed to be functional, available, or virus free. The Internet is an open medium that neither C I Corporation nor the Symantec Corporation nor any of their associates nor employees can be held responsible in any way for any failure of any program downloaded nor the consequences of any action or reaction any program may cause to any computer, system or network without exception. You download anything on this page at your own risk.