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The purpose of the ACTCA is to:

  • Foster excellence in ACT Consultants, Professionals, and Trainers by offering politics-free, vendor-neutral certification with objectively verifiable requirements
  • Provide certification with the freedom to support previous as well as the current version of ACT!
  • Freedom to recommend what is best for the customer, even other contact managers, without jeopardizing your certification
  • Promote camaraderie and harmonious relations between ACT! consultants
  • Lobby Congress for legislation beneficial to ACT! Consultants
  • Provide member benefits at a reasonable price
  • Provide an alternative certification to counter-balance monopolistic price increases in Sage's ACC certification
  • Provide quality assurance for ACT! customers, and access to good consultants, who abide by a Code of Ethics
  • Provide constructive feedback and improvement incentives for ACT! consultants
  • Provide advanced technical training to improve their skills,
  • Help consultants avoid schemes, set up good contracts, and ensure they get paid as agreed
  • Promote knowledge about the ACT! product and improving its performance
  • Hold conferences, seminars, and accurately list user groups to help promote the use of ACT!

The ACTCA is a NonProfit Organization supportive of yet independent of SwiftPage