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Jury Committee

The Jury committee handles appeals from members reqarding certification, examinations or membership
The ACTCA accepts reports from clients about members. A negative performance may result in Dishonorable Discharge from the association. But, the ACTCA member will have the opportunity to present his or her case to a Jury of Peers. In matters brought before the Jury, the decision of the Jury will be taken as the position of the ACT! Consultants Association.


Receive petitions from members
Receive performance reviews from clients
Review requirements
Schedule personal hearings at Annual Conventions
Schedule an online hearing, using remote access technology
Maintain case docket
Make and announce decision
Probation Condition Guidelines if necessary
Rule on Dishonorable Discharge if necessary

Jury Members

Roger Barker - Foreman
Anne McLaughlin
Mick Taylor
Marje Peterson
Aftab Singh
Jay Hamacker
Robert R. Stone, Esq. - corporate legal counsel

If you are interested in being on one of the committees, please email to

The ACTCA is a 501c(3) NonProfit Organization